Shop Window Contest 2023

21st Apr 2023

Games Chairman James Sharp and Secretary Craig Dunbar went round the shops in Alva this morning to hand out the flyers for this year's Best Dressed Shop Window competition. They attended those who took part last year and, where possible, some who had previously done so. On the whole, there was a positive and enthusiastic response which was most encouraging.
There is no theme as such this year, but the event comes with the title "Use Your Imagination" in relation to the Games and, given the very high standard of entries from those who took part in 2022, that should not be a problem. Judging will be on Tuesday 4th July. Cash prizes and Certificates for the best three and the Alva Games Cup for the winner and a little thank you to all who take part. It is all about cheering up the main street in Games week and bringing a feel-good factor to the town.
If we were not able to see you today but you wish to enter, please just message us and we will add you to the list. Let's hope we have a contest of which we can all be proud.
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