Craig Hardie - an appreciation

3rd Feb 2021

This is one task for which I have been getting all too much practice recently. We have just heard the really sad news that cyclist Craig Hardie of Dalgety Bay has died earlier today in hospital in Kirkcaldy.
He first appeared on the Johnstone Park in the mid 2000s and his name appeared on the results there in 2009 after which he went on to dominate the events across the summer seasons, especially the Scratch Championships and Deil tak the Hindmost, the handicappers having got the measure of his brilliance fairly early on. He won the 3200 metres Scottish Championship at Alva 3 years in a row from 2012, usually doubling up in the Deil and taking the Overall Points Prize at the same time. Cyclists, spectators and commentators alike became used to his nickname, The Hardinator, an epithet he truly deserved.
He was invariably accompanied by his wife and by his daughter, Lois, who was to be seen regularly on the beautifully crafted wooden bike, emulating her dad. He retired from the Highland Games circuit while still at the top and carried on working in his cycle shop and participating in cross country and other cycling events.
All of us at Alva send our heartfelt condolences to his wife and daughter and to his wider family and friends in the world of cycling and beyond. The picture shows Craig crossing the line alone at Alva in 2014, his third and final win in the Scottish Championship.
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