Annual General Meeting 2016 - Report

6th Nov 2016

The 160th Games declared a winner

The Annual General Meeting of the Games Committee took place earlier tonight when all existing Committee members and one new party - in the form of long standing sponsor and helper Jamie Sharp - attended. The Chairman, Provost Derek Stewart, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked all who had made the 160th Games a huge success.

The Secretary delivered a positive report and advised that the feedback from Guests and Visitors had all been hugely positive. The number of visitors from overseas had reached new higher levels although the townsfolk still supported the event with enthusiasm. Although there had been some light drizzle towards the end of the day, the events all went ahead as planned, including the highland dancing on the arena stage. It was agreed to look at the possibility of a cover for the stage for 2017.

The Treasurer was also able to give a healthy financial report and reported on an operating surplus for the year but also on the proposed ways and means of spending that including on the replacement of some of the trophies which had become time expired. Trade stand variety was another plus. A number of items was carried forward to the next Committee meeting to allow time for some brainstorming but all in all, everyone was delighted with how the event had gone on the day. The work for the 161st Games has already begun.

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