Prize Bingo : Season 2009 - 2010

20th Aug 2009

Over 50 people attended the final bingo tea of the current season held last night. A record total was raised on the evening and this helped the attendees beat the fund raising target they had set themselves last year. The Bingo Tea season provides the Games with about 10% of the total sums required to run the games and all who attend are to be thanked for whatever contribution is made to the success of these evenings.  

There is no Bingo Tea in July or August but the first Prize Bingo Tea of the new season will be held on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 at 7.30pm. Please note that the evening is always held on the fourth Wednesday of the month and not the last one, so if you turn up on the 29th, you will be too late!!!  Further notices will also appear in the press from the week before.


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