Official Going Report

9th Jul 2014

The Clerk of the Course has inspected the arena and is delighted to report that there is a good covering of grass all round, including on the Sprint Track and the ground is officially on the FIRM side of Good. Both tracks will be cut again on Friday morning to ensure a good racing surface. The round track will be restored to its traditional racing line, particularly on the bottom bend, the 2013 repairs having had an opportunity to bed in. There will be good even bends at both ends of the field with a straight run in of about 35 metres or thereby. The Hill Path was cleared yesterday (Tuesday) as far as the top of the Golf Course. A new fence has been built across the hill but a gate has been built in at the point the path crosses the fence. The fence is about 3 metres further up the hill than its predecessor. There will be no need for any of the racers to climb this new fence and ALL competitors should make use of the new gate. R. G. Farquhar, Clerk of the Course 9th July 2014
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