New Attractions for the 2009 Games

28th May 2009

The Games Committee is delighted to be able to announce a number of new attractions for visitors to the 153rd Famous Alva Games on Saturday 11th July.

First, we are pleased that a travelling corps of fifes and drums from Denmark, De Gronne Tamburkorps, (The Green Fifes & Drums Corps) will be playing at the Games in conjunction with our traditional pipes and drums of the Alloa Bowmar Pipe Band. The troup is attached to the Green Girl Guides of Denmark and is touring this summer. They asked to perform at Alva and we are happy that they are willing to do so. We are sure that you will enjoy their performance.

Next, after the phenomenal success of the Childrens' races, it has been decided to introduce two new races at half time, one for men and one for women, both over one lap of the track with the only qualification being that any participant must be an overseas visitor. A very generous and suitably Scottish prize will be on offer to the winners of each race.

The Lord Lieutenant and the Provost have kindly agreed to host jointly the Homecoming 2009 marquee to which all visitors are invited at some point during the day. This will give all visitors an opportunity to meet each other, our local civic dignitaries, some of the athletes, pipers and other competitors, enter our visitors competition and sign the visitors record book. There will also be a light refreshment offered to all of our returning visitors.

The CIS Cup will also be on display at the games, courtesy of CIS Insurance. There will be a keepy uppy contest with prizes available on the day and a chance to win two tickets to the 2010 final of the CIS Cup. Further details will appear shortly in the local press.


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