Annual General Meeting 2009

21st Sep 2009

The Annual General Meeting of the Alva Games Committee took place on Sunday 25th October 2009 at 7pm in St John Vianney Church Hall, East Stirling Street, Alva.

A very positive report was placed before the members attending with all agreeing that the 2009 games had been one of the most enjoyable and successful days ever. The sun had shone and this had brought out the crowds in their thousands. Our overseas visitor numbers were at record levels and the new visitors' races had been such a success that they would be repeated in 2010.

Thanks were extended to everyone who had made the games - and games week - the huge success it had been and in particular the sponsors and patrons who had remained loyal to the games even in the current strained financial circumstances. The office bearers were all re-elected by unanimous approval and were all looking forward to the 2010 renewal.




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