Annual General Meeting 2006

19th Aug 2006

The Annual General Meeting of the Alva Games Committee took place last night in the St John Vianney Church Hall. East Stirling Street, Alva. This was one of the best attended AGM's of recent memory and a testament to the success of the whole of the Civic Week in 2006.

The Chairman welcomed everyone and paid tribute to all who contributed to the success of the 150th anniversary. The treasurer reported on the financial success of the 2006 venture and the fact that for the fifth year running the games had run at a small surplus which helped to erase the only too painful memory of the black years at the turn of the century.

Provost Derek Stewart praised the efforts of the whole community in making the first week of July one of the most enjoyable during his tenure as Provost of Clackmannanshire and the Committee was delighted to be joined by Scottish Games Association President (and the Alva starter!) Stevie Ryder of Crieff - and his good lady - and our new handicapper from 2006, Don Campbell, also a Council member of the SGA.

The meeting was prefaced by the inaugural showing of the Games DVD shot, edited and produced by Gavin Orr. The film lasted just over 30 minutes and was a fantastic reminder of all that the Games had meant just over three months ago. The DVD will be available for public sale shortly and details will appear on these web pages soon.

The next meeting of the Games Committee will take place on Sunday 28th January 2007. Details to follow.


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