2021 Games Cancelled

28th Mar 2021

The Famous Alva Games 2021 – Cancelled

The Committee of the Famous Alva Games met by Zoom on Sunday 28th March to decide if the 164th Games, re-arranged from last year, could be held on Saturday 10th July. Sadly, for the second time in two years, the decision has been taken to cancel the Games.

There was a full and frank discussion about the current situation and the implications of continuing with the planning for, and the holding of, this year’s event. With just over three months to go, this is the crucial time for committing to the organisation of the event and commitment to various items of expenditure, which would be lost in the event of a subsequent cancellation.

As presently advised, there was no certainty as to our ability to hold the Games at all or certainly not in a format which any of us would recognise. By July, it is hoped that the adult population will have had one dose of the vaccine but by no means two. No one yet knows what decision is to be taken about children. As an event which caters for families of all ages from infants to the more mature, we had to consider their and our safety and well-being and we simply could not be assured that we could discharge our obligations under the presently known regime. The policing of social distancing, which is almost certainly going to be with us for some time yet, would be a major task in an open public park and while certain measures could and would be taken around hand sanitising, the additional steps which we know would be required in addition would have been a burden which would have been unsustainable. 

The Committee was also conscious that international travel may well still be subject to restrictions and, as an event which has succeeded in recent years in attracting ever more tourists, we could not be certain that the numbers of people attending would make the event financially viable. We could not in all conscience expect those sponsors, patrons and spectators who were able in these difficult times to continue with their support to see a much reduced event and we would not wish to put it on if our usual thousands of supporters were not able to take part in the traditional celebrations. And, of course, rules and regulations could be put into reverse at any time.

We considered running a restricted event but it was felt that this would not do justice to the reputation of the Games and would be unfair to those who would necessarily be excluded from such an occasion.

As with so many other events which have already called time on their 2021 gathering, the Committee resolved to regroup and devote their attention to the re-arranged fixture on 9th July 2022 when we hope that a bigger, better and brighter Games can be held. This was not the decision which the Committee wanted to take but it is hoped sincerely that it is one which has been taken for the last time as a result of this health emergency. Meantime, we wish to thank again all of our supporters and hope that everyone remains fit and well.

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