Going Report 2018

9th Jun 2018

Regular update on the ground conditions in the Johnstone Park

Fourth regular Going Report. The Clerk of the Course writes:-

A further inspection took place this afternoon. There has still been no rainfall at all since the report last week. The official going remains HARD although the grass itself remains remarkably fresh and green except in one or two minor areas which barely impinge on the racing line. 

The track up to the summit of Torry is very dry and dusty, especially at the Under 12 turn and around about the crag in the middle of hill, near the Under 17 turn. The path up to the gate beyond the Golf Course has been completely cut back. All obvious hazards on this section of the course have been removed.  The water pipe which had to be jumped on the path up to the Golf Course is no longer in place allowing for a slightly safer ascent to and descent from the Golf Course and the cover over the water sump just beyond that pipe which some lunatic had removed has been replaced. 

There will be a final report on the track on Friday evening. 

R G Farquhar, Clerk of the Course

8th July 2018

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